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Jimmy says spring to come early | Arts & Culture

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Jimmy says spring to come early
Jimmy says spring to come early

It looks like Wisconsin is in for an early spring this year, according to Sun Prairie’s Groundhog Jimmy the 10th.

Sun Prairie celebrated its 65th Groundhog Day Saturday morning as Jimmy determined whether he could see his shadow.

Mayor John Murray told the crowd of more than 250 that Jimmy was unable to see his shadow, ensuring an early spring for the state.

The groundhog celebration brought traffic to Sun Prairie’s local businesses, which promoted the event with groundhog-themed treats.

State Assembly Rep. Gary Hebl of the 46th district was also on site to announce that Gov. Scott Walker officially proclaimed Sun Prairie the Groundhog Capital of the World Saturday.

Jimmy also made another seasonal prediction: Murray said the furry foreteller believes the 49ers will be victorious in Sunday’s Super Bowl game.

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