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Sun Prairie Police Department launches enhanced tip program

Sun Prairie Police Department is launching a new internet tool to enhance its anonymous tip program.

The program, called tip411, is an interactive way for people to anonymously text tips to police, who will be able to respond back.

A Sun Prairie Police Department statement said the goal is to give cell phone users an efficient way to anonymously send in tips. Anyone with a cell phone can now send a tip by texting the word “SunPrairie” and the tip information to the number 847411.

A national version of the program is currently used by more than 1,000 communities, according to the statement.

Tip411 will be reserved only for public safety purposes. 

Sun Prairie man robbed outside Madison bar

Sun Prairie man robbed outside Madison bar

Victim, 51, punched, cash taken   

A Sun Prairie man told Dane County Sheriff's deputies he was confronted by four people, punched and robbed in a bar parking lot Sunday night.

The 51-year-old victim told deputies he was in the parking at Bailey's Bar, 601 N. Fair Oaks Ave., and was backing out of his parking spot when he was approached by two men, a woman, and another person who accused him of hitting their car and demanded money from him.

The man said he denied hitting their vehicle and gave then $50 to $60.

The victim told deputies he was punched in the face and might have briefly lost consciousness.

The man called police after being taken home by his adult son. Deputies said he had minor injuries but didn't require treatment.

Man robbed by four men in his hotel room

A man told Madison police he was robbed by four men inside his hotel room Wednesday.

The man said he was staying at the Super 8 at 4765 Hayes Road on Madison's east side when the men robbed him of his cash at gunpoint.

Police said the suspects had been in the man's room earlier in the day with his permission and the robbery was not random.

The victim gave police the license plate of the suspect vehicle which was later stopped by Sun Prairie police. The driver of the car was held for questioning.

County joins efforts to help youth vulnerable to sex trafficking

Funds, coordination key topics in conversation on ending the crime    

Dane County is taking steps to raise awareness on the issue of human sex trafficking.

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi said Thursday that the county is focused on coordinated education efforts and resources for homeless and runaway youth.

The 2013 county budget includes $30,000 to replace recently eliminated federal funds that support outreach services to homeless and runaway youth, a group that youth advocates cautioned are susceptible to trafficking.

"At the very base, this problem exists because there's a demand for people to buy sex," Parisi said. "People need to realize if they're going to go out and purchase someone's body to use, that is not a victimless crime."

Tracking software reunites Sun Prairie man with stolen phone

Police: iPhone stolen while victim chatted at bar    

Police are crediting smartphone tracking software and a suspect description from a bartender with solving a theft case.

Madison police said a 36-year-old Sun Prairie man had his iPhone stolen while he was at a bar. He didn't see who took it, but police said the bartender got a good description of the thief who was only in the bar for a couple minutes.

The victim was able to use a friend's phone to track the location of his own phone and was able to trace it to South Broom Street near John Nolen Drive, according to police.

Officers said they spotted a suspect in the 100 block of West Main Street.

The victim told police he could activate an alarm on the phone and he activated it when police moved in.

Police enforce DNA sample submissions in Dane County sweep

Police enforce DNA sample submissions in Dane County sweep

Area police officers went door to door Tuesday as part of Dane County’s first DNA-sample enforcement mission. Officers from the Madison, Fitchburg, Sun Prairie, Middleton and deputies from Dane County Sheriff’s Department joined forces to conduct the Dane County DNA sweep.

About 30 law enforcement officers made attempts to contact individuals who were required by law to submit a DNA sample but had not. The Dane County Sheriff’s Department said there were 93 people listed in noncompliance.

The Office of Justice Assistance estimated that between 100 and 120 individuals living in Dane County are required to submit a DNA sample to the Wisconsin DNA Databank on a quarterly basis. Everyone on the list is first sent a letter in an attempt to get voluntary compliance. In many cases, additional attempts were necessary; follow-up letters were sent via certified mail from the Dane County District Attorney’s Office.

Police locate stolen hunting rifle

Police locate stolen hunting rifle

A stolen hunting rifle has now been found in Sun Prairie.

The owner of the rifle reported it stolen from his or her vehicle just after 2 p.m. Monday. Sun Prairie police said the owner was chasing three suspects when the theft was reported on the 400 block of South Bird Street.

During the search, police said nearby Cardinal Heights Upper Middle School and Prairie Phoenix Academy were placed in precautionary lockdown for 15 minutes. However, students and faculty were not in danger, said police.

Officers searched the area and located the hunting rifle in the exterior stairwell of an apartment building. Sun Prairie police have identified suspects and the theft remains under investigation.