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Dane County MedDrop Events Scheduled

Dane County MedDrop Events Scheduled

Poisoning has surpassed motor vehicle crashes as the leading cause of injury death in Dane County according to the latest statistics available from Public Health-Madison and Dane County.

By Taking the simple step of bringing your unwanted or unnecessary medications to area MedDrop events, residents can help curb what's been called an American epidemic by the Centers for Disease Control.

"Over 75 percent of Dane County poisonings were the result of drugs," said Cheryl Wittke, Safe Communities Director. "Young children, teens, seniors, everyone -- is safer if unnecessary medications are removed from the home. If medications are not available we expect to see a drop in accidental and intentional poisonings."

St. Mary's To Spread Seeds Of Wellness

St. Mary's To Spread Seeds Of Wellness

The cornerstone of St. Mary's Hospital was laid 100 years ago on Oct. 8, 1911. The hospital opened its doors in September 1912.

On Saturday, Oct. 8, the hospital will celebrate the laying of that cornerstone by handing out free apples -- a cornerstone of good health -- throughout Dane County. 

There are 12 locations in total in Madison, Middleton, DeForest, Waunakee, Sun Prairie, Oregon and McFarland. People can stop by anytime between 1 and 4 p.m. to receive their free fruit. And in the spirit of good food safety practice, we'll also be handing out free fruit wipes along with the apples.

For more information on where the apples will be handed out and when, visit www.stmarysmadison.com/apples

Boy Who Survived Leukemia Gives Hope To Other Families

For many children, the end of the school year is plenty of reason to celebrate. And one Sun Prairie boy finishing kindergarten is also celebrating survival in his battle with leukemia.

This month, 6-year-old Andrew Zielsdorf is being named Boy of the Year by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Wisconsin Chapter to give hope to other families.

Only seven months ago, Andrew was in chemotherapy for leukemia.

In the summer of 2008, when Andrew was 2 years old, his mother, Patsy Zielsdorf, found deep purple bruises on his body. The pediatrician called them "summer legs," but decided to do tests just in case.

"(The doctor said), 'We'll do a blood test. It's the end of the day; we probably won't call you until tomorrow, so we'll give you an update then,'" Zielsdorf recalled.

When her phone rang that night and it was the doctor, Zielsdorf said she knew something was wrong.

Officials: More Oversight Needed For Tissue Donation

Health professionals are unequivocal about how donated human tissue save lives. Because of donations, burn victims are given a second chance through grafted skin. Even dental implants make everyday life easier.

But now, a federal agency is concerned about tissue donation practices and a local man is speaking out, saying he's worried this life-saving trade is too driven by profits.

Unlike donated organs, which can never be charged for, donated human tissue is processed and then sold for implantation. It's a billion-dollar industry, but one that some federal officials believe is left open to abuse and mistakes.

During her short life, Alyssa Truitt was her parents' angel, filling the Sun Prairie couple's home with joy. When she died at just 2 years old, her organs were donated to help save the life of another young girl.

"It was an incredible, incredible thing. We saw first-hand what her gifts did. We saw the life she saved," said her father, Chris Truitt.

Learn A Life-Saving Technique In Just 15 Minutes

Learn A Life-Saving Technique In Just 15 Minutes

WISC-TV, Channel 3000.com and St. Mary's Hospital are partnering together to host a communitywide project called Hands on Hearts.

The goal of the project is to train as many people as possible in compression-only CPR. The life-saving skill can be learned in 15 minutes.

"We're investing in making our community a safer, healthier and better place to live.  This program has been proven to save lives and we're so honored to be part of it," said Colin Benedict, WISC-TV's news director.

COCPR is a hands-only technique to help those in sudden cardiac arrest.

St. Mary’s Sun Prairie Emergency Center Cares For 20,000th Patient

St. Mary’s Sun Prairie Emergency Center Cares For 20,000th Patient

It took just 11 months for St. Mary's Sun Prairie Emergency Center to care for 10,000 patients and this afternoon -- another 10 months later -- it has reached the 20,000 mark.

St. Mary’s Sun Prairie Emergency Center opened on July 1, 2009, and has reached both milestones well ahead of initial projections, according to company officials.

"The community told us several years ago there was an unmet need for emergency services in Sun Prairie, and by the fact we keep hitting our milestones well ahead of time I’d say that need has been proven," said Rebecca Jacobs, Manager of the St. Mary’s Sun Prairie Emergency Center. "We couldn’t be happier to be here caring for this wonderful community." 

You can learn more about the St. Mary’s Sun Prairie Emergency Center at: www.stmarysmadison.com/ER


Annual Kristina Schultz Red Cross Blood Drive Scheduled

Annual Kristina Schultz Red Cross Blood Drive Scheduled

The fifth annual Kristina Schultz Red Cross Blood Drive will be held Thursday, March 24 from 1 to 6 p.m. at Eastside Elementary School in Sun Prairie. 

The blood drive is sponsored by Eastside Elementary School and East Side Cub Scout Pac 143 in memory of Kristina Schultz, a young Marshall girl that died after a battle with leukemia.

All parents and community members are welcome to donate!  Schedule your appointment today. 

See the district website for details:www.sunprairie.k12.wi.us/news_detail.cfm?newsid=82683&detailid=65547.