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Free event offers honeybee experiences for the human senses

A free library event this week will offer an experience of bees for multiple senses.

The Sun Prairie Public Library will host a Beekeeping 101 presentation Wednesday night by Jeanne Hansen of the Dane County Beekeeping Association.

The event begins at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Room. Attendees will learn about the life of honeybees, their wax, honey and their contribution as pollinators. At the presentation, people will be able to taste honey and pollen, sniff beeswax candles, handle a real hive, smoker, and other beekeeping equipment. 

 The event is open to the public. Visit www.sunlib.org for more information. 

Ducks take annual walk through elementary school

The six ducks caught on video inside a Sun Prairie elementary school aren't lost, they're taking an annual trip to the outdoor world.

Sun Prairie Area School spokeswoman Sarah Heck said that every year, a new family of ducks hatches in the Westside Elementary School's courtyard. The ducklings and the mother live in the courtyard until sometime in May. Then the group is escorted out into the world through the school.

This year five ducklings stayed near the mother ducks side as they hustled through Westside over the carpet and through the hallway. In the video, one of the ducklings loses its footing and takes a couple tumbles in the hallway. 

Near the exit, the videographer had to help the mother get outside.

Fest offers dog-friendly sports, entertainment

Fest offers dog-friendly sports, entertainment

An event this weekend will draw dog lovers and their four-legged friends.

The Mounds Dog Fest will offer paws-on activities, contests, demos, a canine water performance, lure coursing, dogs bobbing for tennis balls and more.

About 110 area organizations will be on site at Angell Park in Sun Prairie for the festival from 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. on Sunday for the 16th annual event.

New to the event this year is a dog training demo, an interactive sport which that combines basic obedience with an obstacle course.

Mounds representative Heather Sullivan said the event is fun for dog owners and gives them a destination to bring their pet.

"[There are] not always the outlets where people can get out and meet other dog owners and just have a great time," Sullivan said. "I just like to see the variety of dogs and the people in the community."

Local furry forecaster Jimmy to predict spring

Local furry forecaster Jimmy to predict spring

Mayor to translate the groundhog's word on winter's end     

Sun Prairie will host its traditional prognostication ceremony early Saturday with nationally famed Jimmy the Groundhog. 

The city’s annual Groundhog's Day event is scheduled at sunrise on in Cannery Square Plaza, downtown Sun Prairie.

According to the cultural tradition, if a groundhog sees his shadow on the morning of Feb. 2, winter will hold off the spring season another six weeks.

Bruce Sprague, chairman for the Sun Prairie Business Improvement District, said Jimmy will get a fire truck escort at about 6:50 a.m.

The official prognostication will take place at sunrise, about 7:11 a.m., when Mayor John Murray will share Jimmy's estimate on when spring will arrive. Sun Prairie city legend says that only the mayor can translate Jimmy’s prediction.


Humane society 'stunned' at abrupt drop by Sun Prairie-based sponsor

Rock Co. animal welfare org asked to remove animals     

After 14 years and more than 1,300 adoptions, Mounds Pet Food Store has ended its partnership with the Rock County Humane Society.

The Rock County Humane Society said it was asked Wednesday to remove animals and other property from Mounds Satellite Adoption Center, 1725 Lodge Drive, Janesville, according to a letter posted on the humane society’s website.

“We were notified in a voicemail yesterday from Mounds' vice president that Mounds has made the 'business decision' to shut down our satellite adoption center and requesting that we remove our adoptable cats by Friday at the latest," humane society Executive Director Angela Rhodes wrote in the post.

Rhodes wrote that the society considered "Mounds to be a valued partner in the care of our community’s homeless animals for over a decade and is stunned by this abrupt withdrawal of support."

Plans set for annual Prognostication by Jimmy

Plans set for annual Prognostication by Jimmy

City ceremony planned for 6:50 a.m.    

The city’s annual groundhog prognostication is scheduled to take place at sunrise on Feb. 2 in Cannery Square Plaza.

Jimmy the Groundhog will be at the Prognostication ceremony in Downtown Sun Prairie to share his estimate on when spring will arrive.

The city’s Business Improvement District chairperson, Bruce Sprague, confirmed that Jimmy will be ushered in to the square by limo and fire trucks at 6:50 a.m.

Local restaurants will be serving a variety of Jimmy-related goodies like Jimmy chocolates and a Jimmy-themed beer, and a buffet breakfast is scheduled at the Market Street Diner and Bakery, Sprague said.

Sprague said the Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce handed over reins to the Prognostication to the BID this year and more details on the day's events will be released when they are finalized.