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Free event offers honeybee experiences for the human senses

A free library event this week will offer an experience of bees for multiple senses.

The Sun Prairie Public Library will host a Beekeeping 101 presentation Wednesday night by Jeanne Hansen of the Dane County Beekeeping Association.

The event begins at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Room. Attendees will learn about the life of honeybees, their wax, honey and their contribution as pollinators. At the presentation, people will be able to taste honey and pollen, sniff beeswax candles, handle a real hive, smoker, and other beekeeping equipment. 

 The event is open to the public. Visit www.sunlib.org for more information. 

Ducks take annual walk through elementary school

The six ducks caught on video inside a Sun Prairie elementary school aren't lost, they're taking an annual trip to the outdoor world.

Sun Prairie Area School spokeswoman Sarah Heck said that every year, a new family of ducks hatches in the Westside Elementary School's courtyard. The ducklings and the mother live in the courtyard until sometime in May. Then the group is escorted out into the world through the school.

This year five ducklings stayed near the mother ducks side as they hustled through Westside over the carpet and through the hallway. In the video, one of the ducklings loses its footing and takes a couple tumbles in the hallway. 

Near the exit, the videographer had to help the mother get outside.

Mounds Of Money Raised For Henry Vilas Zoo

Mounds Of Money Raised For Henry Vilas Zoo


This spring, Mounds Pet Food Warehouse stores collected donations for Henry Vilas Zoo's animal enrichment program.  During the month of April, Mounds staff raised more than $18,000 which will be used to purchase new toys and enrichment materials for the zoo's animals, according to Dane County officials. 

During the promotion, Mounds stores held a competition between employees at their five area locations. Mounds Madison East raised the most donations and as a result of their hard work, won a behind the scenes tour of Henry Vilas Zoo.

The tour included a giraffe meet and greet, a rhino encounter, special enrichment treats for zoo animals and a behind the scenes look at several other zoo animal care areas.

Last fall, Mounds management came up with the idea for the fundraising event and employee contest when they toured the zoo and got to learn about animal enrichment first hand. 

Jimmy The Groundhog Doesn't Get A Snow Day

Jimmy The Groundhog Doesn't Get A Snow Day

Sun Prairie's Jimmy the Groundhog will not be playing to the crowd in Sun Prairie's Cannery Square on Wednesday morning, but the that doesn't mean the furry prognosticator will get to sleep in at sunrise.

Mayor Joe Chase said the Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce cancelled the downtown event due to the blizzard targeting south central Wisconsin, but he said, "You can't really push back Feb. 2."

Jimmy the Groundhog and his handlers will meet with the mayor Wednesday morning, even though the answer to the question of whether Jimmy will see his shadow seems a bit obvious. Chase said tradition is important to everyone involved.

He said he will read the ceremonial proclamation like he does every year, but it's safe to say this year Mother Nature is raining, or rather, snowing on Jimmy's parade.

Annual Celebration Highlighted By Annual Prediction

Annual Celebration Highlighted By Annual Prediction

Witness Sun Prairie's own "Jimmy the Groundhog" make his annual prognostication and predict whether we will have an early or late spring on Wednesday, Feb. 2.

Jimmy will be present with other local dignitaries at Cannery Square Plaza beginning at 7 a.m. Jimmy makes his annual prediction at sunrise.

Residents are invited to stop by the Market Street Diner at 110 Market Street in downtown Sun Prairie before or after the official ceremonies for a Groundhog Day Breakfast buffet featuring French Toast, bacon, sausages and scrambled eggs and coffee for only $6. 

Beans 'N Cream Coffeehouse has official Groundhog Day merchandise on sale in addition to chocolate Jimmy's in a variety of sizes. You'll find delicious drink specials too!