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Sun Prairie mom's Packers vs. Bears pic of twins catches attention

A Sun Prairie mother's picture of her twin sons in their NFL jerseys is getting a lot of attention.

Carrie Corteen is a Chicago Bears fan, and her husband is a Packers fan. On Sunday, Kyler wore a green-and-gold jersey and Kellan a blue-and-orange jersey.

Corteen snapped a photo showing a cranky Kellan and a smiling Kyler.

The photo on Facebook received thousands of likes and plenty of retweets on Twitter.

WATCH the report above.

Sun Prairie man shares what it’s like to be Santa

More than meets the eye to be the jolly guy; holiday helper provides a peek

Beer Truck Rolls Over At Interstate, Highway 151

Beer Truck Rolls Over At Interstate, Highway 151

A semi-tractor trailer loaded with beer rolled onto its side and collided with the median guardrail on Highway 151 just east of the interstate.

The truck had just exited the interstate onto northbound Highway 151 when the accident occurred at about 8 a.m., police said.

There were no other vehicles involved and the driver of the semi was not hurt, police said.

No beer was spilled, but there was a minor spill of fuel from the truck's fuel tanks.

There were no significant traffic delays, police said.

New Business, ScooterCabs, Helps Eliminate Drunk Driving

New Business, ScooterCabs, Helps Eliminate Drunk Driving

ScooterCabs, a local business created by three University of Wisconsin-Madison grads, aims to provide an affordable alternative to taking a taxi home or driving under the influence. 

The service was created as an extra option for patrons that drive out to a bar or restaurant and have a few too many drinks.  The concept is similar to a taxi, except for one fundamental difference; the taxi is now the patron’s own vehicle.  There is no longer a need for patrons to abandon their vehicle at the bar or restaurant to make it home safely.

"With Wisconsin’s high rates of drunk driving, Madison seemed to have a need for this type of service," said owner Justin Sisley, "but even for the majority of people who would make the responsible decision to call a cab, our service provides a much more convenient option for them.  No more waiting around for a friend or cab to take you back to your car in the morning."

Producer Talks About Sun Prairie High School Lip Dub Video

The producer of a "lip dub" video talked about the production, in which 250 students from Sun Prairie High School participated in a lip sync video as the camera rolls through the school.

Watch the Live at 5 interview with video's producer, a senior at Sun Prairie Area High School.