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Photo Gallery | Royal Oaks Elementary Receives High Marks For Building Modifications

Walking into Royal Oaks Elementary has a whole new feel this school year and district officials said the response has been great from parents and staff.

Instead of walking through the school into the instructional area to reach the main office, visitors now enter directly into the office through a set of secure doors. The main office area has been relocated to the front of the building. The improvements were primarily made to provide a more secure entrance to the school, but students, parents and staff have realized many other benefits to the renovation.

"It's so much quieter in the learning center where our classrooms are," said Royal Oaks Principal James Ackley via www.sunprairie.k12.wi.us. "We didn't realize how many distractions came from having the office there with people coming in and out."

The changes include a set of double doors with the second door locked so visitors must enter through the office and check in at the Welcome Center. The main office includes a greeting and waiting area, a conference room and separate offices for the principal and student resource staff, including the guidance counselor, social worker, school nurse and student services program manager. 

The new conference room seats more than 20 people for meetings and training sessions, which is twice the size of the old conference room.  Technology is now available in the new conference room, as well.  Before, the room didn't have a computer or a data outlet for a computer so staff needed to bring a laptop to a meeting.  The new conference room has a computer and SMART Board for staff to use.

The Royal Oak's parent group, ROSCO, donated a sign for the front of the school which will include information on upcoming events and other school news.

Royal Oaks alumni or a community members interested in the work we're done at the school are invited to stop by Royal Oaks to see the new office area.


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